Make Killer Apps Now and Pay Later!Musicians Tap into Global Smartphone PenetrationPerfect for GymsTravel Agents Showcase DestinationsCoffee Shops Need an App!Shout About What You Do!

Make Killer Apps Now and Pay Later!

You cannot afford to miss the smartphone revolution and money should not stand in your way! Start building your app now and pay when you're ready to publish.

Musicians Tap into Global Smartphone Penetration

Can you afford not to go mobile? Keep in touch with fans and spread your appeal and exposure through social sharing and sneak previews of your latest jams.

Perfect for Gyms

Your clients can book fitness sessions from within the app and you can push notifications about special offer fitness classes. Sell protein shakes and weight gain products for those body builders.

Travel Agents Showcase Destinations

Travel agents can showcase destinations and push notifications to your users informing them of special offers on flights and holidays! Encourage use by offering discounts right from the app or even loyalty schemes.

Coffee Shops Need an App!

Loyalty schemes and discounts have to play a part in the modern coffee shop space! Buy 3 get the 4th free! Loyalty schemes employ QR code technology to keep track of points. Notify customers of special offers and actually take live orders via your own coffee app.

Shout About What You Do!

A mobile app shouts out to the world but its always opt-in! Users have already agreed to be advertised to by downloading your app, so make sure your offerings are good!

Create Your Killer App!

Publish your app and marvel at your own efforts to bring your business into the here and now.

Manage From Your Desktop

Update your content from your tablet or desktop. Send push notifications via your own admin page!

About Us

We are passionate about all things internet and have been involved in web design for 15 years and mobile app development for the last five years. We realized that many businesses could not afford expensive mobile app development budgets and did not have the coding skills to make their own. Hence the creation of Appological!

Super Flexible Design

Only your imagination can limit where you can go with your app designs even though there are some basic principles you can follow. Try to keep it simple even while you lose yourself in a variety of colours and shapes. Backgrounds are important so try to use those that express what your business is all about.

Available in multiple colors

Colour Flex

Music Band App

No Coding Required

Absolutely no coding needed to make your own app for android and iOS. Apps are a breeze to create using our powerful app building platform.

From £34.99 a Month

You can pay for your app monthly or yearly, it’s up to you. We host your app on our dedicated server so paying for additional hosting is not necessary. Don’t pay until you are ready to go live!

Become a Reseller

Do you want to earn real money making other businesses happy or are you a web design agency wanting to add mobile app services to your offerings? Create apps for your clients and let them update it themselves from their very own admin panel.

Easy App Builder

Our app builder is highly intuitive and easy to use. Make use of our professional themes or generate your own images and backgrounds. It’s your choice. So, no coding, no fuss and no need for payment until you’re ready to publish!

Now, please cut the crap and…

Start Building Your App Now for Free

Don’t wait for your competitors to get the edge over you by harnessing the power of the mobile internet. Start designing for FREE! No commitment. No fuss. Get your own smartphone app today!


Available on all platforms

Rather we built your app?

If for any reason you would rather have your app built for you then we can also accommodate you and then provide you with admin access to update content, send notifications and other daily admin you might want done. We can also set up your loyalty schemes and discounts if you’d rather not do it yourself.

Our basic setup fee is from $450 plus the monthly plan chosen. Please send us your request for this service using the contact form below so that we can more accurately price your product.

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Contact Information

The best way to contact the Appological team is by using the contact form provided. Please try to fully explain what your requirements are in an app. Otherwise post your question here.